Referrals - Patient Guide

Your Referrals

All non-emergency referrals are sent to Devon Referral Support Services. They are then vetted and, if onward referral to specialist hospital care is indicated, you will be contacted within 2 weeks by this service to arrange an appointment with a suitable provider.

If you are unclear what has happened to your referral please contact this service in the first instance at DRSS information and Help

DRSS have developed a new website to offer information to patients in Devon to help them make healthcare decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t heard anything about my appointment yet – what should I do?

Please allow 4 weeks from the date of your GP appointment.

If after 4 weeks you have not been contacted with an appointment date, please contact Devon Referral Support Services (DRSS) on 01752 398993. The team will be happy to assist you.

Please allow only 2 weeks before contacting DRSS if your referral is a “2 week wait”(2WW) i.e. to eliminate the possibility of cancer.

You will need your NHS number to help the team locate your details.

Please call us if you need your NHS number. You will be asked to verify your identity by confirming your date of birth and address or other recorded details .

The waiting time is too long will my GP be able to get me an earlier appointment?

The surgery has no influence over appointment times or waiting lists and has no power to bring forward any appointment. Your GP will only be able to try to expedite your appointment if it is clinically necessary to do so.

Whose responsibility is it to enquire about appointments?

It is the patient’s responsibility to enquire about an anticipated appointment. Your first call should always be to DRSS on 01752 398993. We are unable to chase appointments for you except in exceptional circumstances or if 4 weeks after you saw your GP, you have contacted DRSS but have been unable to establish any details concerning your appointment. We stress that our involvement will have no impact on any waiting times for your appointment. 

I have spoken to the relevant department at the hospital and they tell me that they have not received my referral - have I been referred?

Most likely, yes.

Please remember it can take up to 4 weeks for the referral to be converted to a confirmed appointment, visible on the hospital’s system (2 weeks for a “2WW” referral).

 If you have not had any confirmation of appointment after 4 weeks, please call DRSS on 01752 398993 and remember to have your NHS number (above ) available. If at this point DRSS has no record of receiving the referral they will direct you to the surgery. Please call 01752 205555 and ask to speak to the Practice Secretary. She will investigate and liaise with DRSS to resolve any communication issues.

I have been referred for X-Ray, what do I need to do?

The GP would have made an electronic request which will be processed direct by the hospital.

You MUST book your own appointment by contacting the radiology department between Monday to Friday 9:00am and 4:30pm. Please allow at least 24 hours (excluding weekends) after your GP appointment before telephoning to book your appointment.

Please follow these instructions:

  • Call 01752 437188 at least 24hrs after your GP appointment to arrange your appointment.
  • Please report to the x-ray department 15 minutes prior to your appointment time
  • Written confirmation will not be sent
  • If you no longer wish to have an appointment please contact radiology and inform us
  • If you do not call within 2 weeks your referral will be returned to your GP

I have been referred for other radiology investigation (e.g. ultrasound and MRI scans) what do I need to do?

You will be contacted directly by post with an appointment.  If the appointment is unacceptable to you, please contact the booking clerk using the contact number on your letter. Otherwise, please confirm as instructed.

If you have not heard within 4 weeks, please contact the Radiology Department as follows:

  • MRI – 01752 439283 / 439282
  • Ultrasound (including US Guided injections) – 01752 439286 / 439287
  • Barium, SALPS, HSGs & Fluoroscopy (incl. Fluoro. Inj.) – 01752 439284 / 439285
  • CT – 01752 437185 / 437183 / 437182
  • Nuclear Medicine – 01752 792275