Shingles Vaccination

Shingles Vaccinations

The shingles vaccine helps protect against shingles. It's recommended for people at higher risk from shingles, including all adults when they turn 65, those aged 70 to 79 and those aged 50 and over with a severely weakened immune system.

If you turned 65 before 1st September 2023, you will not be eligible for shingles vaccination until you turn 70. Find out more about shingles vaccine eligibility here:


Covid Jabs

COVID-19 Boosters

We're not providing COVID boosters this time, so if you're eligible for a seasonal booster this spring you can find out how to get your COVID-19 booster dose here: You can also call 119 if you have questions or need help with COVID-19 vaccinations

Childhood Immunisations

Baby Imms

Baby and preschool immunisations

We offer the full range of childhood immunisations and strongly recommend that all children be immunised. Click here for the NHS recommended immunisation schedule. To contact us to make an appointment please call 01752 205555

If you are concerned about vaccinations, please discuss this with the health visitor or one of our health care professionals who will be able to give you informed advice.

If you are not attending with your child for their vaccination then a signed Parental Responsibility Consent form must be completed and brought with the child to the appointment. Please click on the link here to download this. Parental Responsibility Consent Document.pdf

Remember that adults too should be regularly immunised against tetanus. If you have any doubts or queries about immunisations, please ask the practice nurse, health visitor or your doctor. 

School Imms

School Immunisation ages (5-19)

The School and Community Immunisation Programme is now run by Kernow Health. They provide all school immunisations (this includes those in home education and missed school immunisation dates).

Kernow Health hold regular community clinics in Plymouth for vaccinations. Vaccinations usually provided by the school immunisation programme cannot be given by the practice unless in extenuating circumstances or by Kernow Health request.

If you have questions about school aged immunisations, please contact Kernow Health directly:

Travel Vaccinations

Safe Travels

For NHS vaccinations please contact our reception team on 01752 205555 who will be able to assist you

Due to the MASTA travel clinic closing on Wednesday 31st August 2022. We no longer offer non NHS and occupational health vaccines. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the team and the customers who have supported the travel clinic, and we wish you safe travels.