Medical Records and Information Requests

Private work 

There are other services that we provide which are not covered by the NHS contract payment to the practice.

With some very limited exceptions, we do not have to carry out non-NHS work for patients.  We do however wish to help our patients as much as possible and endeavour to set reasonable expectations.

Please expect a fee for any non NHS services such as Travel Insurance Forms, GP Letters and Medical Reports. We use a Data Processing Company called medi2data to provide these services, they will contact you directly once you submit a request to the Practice.

Please note that submitting a request is not an acceptance by the Practice that the work can be completed. If we, or medi2data, are unable to complete the Private work request you will be informed as soon as possible.

For information on how medi2data process and store your data please click here


How long does private work take?

The NHS medical care of our patients is our primary work and as such any private work can take up to eight weeks to complete. Whilst we will always try and be quicker we cannot guarantee earlier completion.

Why does it take so long?

GPs already have a high workload of direct patient work and an increasing amount of paperwork they will then often have to find time outside normal hours to complete this work.

If I just want a signature surely it only takes a minute?

When a GP signs anything they have to be sure that what they are signing is completely true. This may require them to read through the whole of a patient’s record to check every fact. Inaccuracy or mistakes can lead to serious consequences so even the simplest forms can take a lot of time.

Do we have to carry out this work?

With some very limited exceptions we do not have to carry out non-NHS work for patients and these services may suspended at any time. We do however wish to help our patients as much as possible and endeavour to set reasonable expectations.

How and when do I pay? 

Either medi2data or the Practice will contact you with information on when and how to pay. 


Firearms Licencing

We are unable to assess patients for suitability in issuing them with a Firearms Certificate.

The GP Partners at Lisson Grove & Woolwell Medical Centre have a concientious objection to the holding of firearms. Drs Ciukiewicz, Rudge and Cranefield are aware of their responsibilities and obligations under GMC guidance on conscientious objection.